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A surgical instrument in the hands of an incompetent person with a superficial knowledge of anatomy will cause disaster when operating on someone. So can the polygraph in the hands of an incompetent practitioner. Unfortunately there are some who had ventured into this field with little knowledge and training. Expect trouble and labour related problems from these quarters. These people also account for much of the criticism, misrepresentations and derogatory impressions of the critics of the polygraph.

Nothing can replace experience, maturity, level of training and expertise of the polygraph examiner, therefore selection of the correct examiner is of utmost importance.

It is therefore vital that if you decide to use a polygraph expert that you ensure the following.

  1. The examiner is fully qualified via an accredited training facility and preferably this should have been American Polygraph Association Accredited.
  2. They are full members of the British & European Polygraph Association, which is Europes' leading organisation of its type. If they are not members, ask yourself why they would not join their own standard setting organisation.  If you are uncertain, ask to see their BEPA membership certificate.
  3. The examiner uses the latest interview techniques and methods. Ask when they last under went training. If their training has not been at least bi-annually updated, we suggest caution.
  4. The examiner uses the latest computerised equipment. Do not accept an examiner using an old fashioned analogue instrument. Ask what type of instruments they use, and do not appoint them if they do not use the latest computerised equiptment.